Leaders from Across the Eastern Plains Support the Colorado Energy Plan

Colorado’s Public Utilities Commission is scheduled to begin deliberations soon on the Colorado Energy Plan and rural leaders from the Eastern Plains recently submitted a joint letter of support to the PUC highlighting the importance of the plan to their region’s economy and to ratepayers across the state.

In the letter seven county commissioners from Logan, Prowers, Yuma and Cheyenne counties outlined the economic benefits that the Colorado Energy Plan would have by spurring new investment in rural Colorado. The Commissioners wrote:

“Colorado’s rural communities face unique challenges and opportunities that are not shared by urban centers along the Front Range. Rural Colorado has fallen behind in key economic areas and it is affecting our local communities. Serving as a leader in renewable energy production is not only a source of pride in our counties but it is a key economic factor that will help us grow and strengthen our local communities. Rural Colorado stands ready to deliver the benefits of the Colorado Energy Plan across the entire state.”

Greg Brophy, director of The Western Way’s Rural Energy Network, applauded the support for the plan saying, “Community leaders from across the Eastern Plains showed their strong support for the Colorado Energy Plan. It's especially telling that commissioners from counties that stand to gain absolutely nothing from the CEP recognize that it's good for rate payers and for rural Colorado.”