TWW’s Nevada Team Tours Switch’s TAHOE RENO campus

Switch, a world leader in datacenter design, operations, and development, opened its doors to TWW’s Nevada team and local leaders from Northern Nevada to tour their TAHOE RENO campus this month.  Switch is an innovative world leader in datacenters and the company has designed their facilities to be able to handle the next 30 years of technological advancement. The facility in Northern Nevada allows for Switch to plug and play with future technology, which is unlike any other data center currently in the existence.   Over 500 patents are pending or have been granted to Switch to optimize data center design, heating and cooling, energy efficiency and other technology.   

In large part, Switch gains its competitive market advantage by tackling one of the industry’s highest costs – energy.  Switch has been an industry leader in moving towards 100% renewable energy usage, which they own and buy through power purchase agreements at rates over half the cost provided by the regulated utility.  Switch initiated Nevada’s Energy Choice Initiative and has been a strong proponent of letting a competitive market place drive lower rates for all other residential and commercial users across the state. 

Switch is using technological innovation, harnessing efficiencies, and breaking the conventional framework to become an industry leader in a highly competitive market.  All the while, showing that good environmental stewardship makes for a strong bottom line.  Switch is truly an example of how innovators in Western States are pioneering solutions that support the economy and improve the environment.