Roosevelt Conservation Caucus Drives Leadership on Commonsense Conservation

Earlier this week, Senators Cory Gardner (CO) and Steve Daines (MT) announced the formation of a bicameral Roosevelt Conservation Caucus.  Senators Gardner and Daines, both of which will co-chair the caucus along with Sen. Lindsay Graham (SC), were joined by their colleagues from the Senate and the House to spell out the why they formed the group and its importance to leadership in the national debate on conservation and environmental issues.   

 “In Colorado we are blessed with abundant and diverse natural resources, and we take pride in being responsible stewards of the environment,” said Senator Cory Gardner (R-Colorado), co-chair of the Senate Caucus. “Every American should want to protect the environment and pass our beautiful country on to the next generation better and cleaner than it was given to us. I’m proud to stand with my colleagues today to officially launch the Roosevelt Conservation Caucus, a platform that will help shine more light on Republican efforts on innovative, economically viable policies which will both improve the environment and make sure the American people continue to have the highest quality of life possible.”

Members said the caucus would give a platform to “effective and common-sense solutions to environmental and conservation issues.”  TWW could not agree more that our country is in need of solutions that will improve our environment without crippling our economy.   TWW applauds the leadership from Roosevelt Conservation Caucus leaders.

 “Thanks to capitalism and technological advancements, millions of Americans enjoy one of the cleanest environments and highest standards of living,” said Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina), the co-chair of the Senate Caucus.  “Unleashing solutions that enhance and protect our environment are essential to ensuring economic growth, energy independence, and national security.”