Western States Governors Ducey, Herbert, and Little Recognize National Clean Energy Week

Governors Doug Ducey, Arizona; Gary Herbert, Utah; and Brad Little, Idaho all signed resolutions marking the week of September 23rd as National Clean Energy Week in their states.  TWW applauded the Governor’s commitment to an all of the above state energy policy that powers each of their state’s economy, utilizes domestic resources, and provides environmental benefits. 

Gov. Ducey highlighted the importance that the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station plays to Arizona’s emission free electricity generation and the fact that Arizona has more cumulative solar energy installed than almost any state in the country.

Governor Herbert noted how Utah’s “all of the above market-based approach” to energy policy has put Utah on the cutting edge of a growing renewable energy sector which is helping drive Utah’s economy. 

Governor Little detailed how 75% of Idaho’s utility-scale net electricity comes from renewable sources.  Governor Little also noted that Idaho is the fourth largest generator of hydroelectricity in the country, has some of the best geothermal production in the country, and that the Idaho National Laboratory is driving new innovations in energy research and development which benefit Idaho and the entire country.