Throughout our country’s history conservatives have been leaders in preserving natural lands and creating policies which benefit our economy and environment.   

  • In addition to establishing our National Parks, Theodore Roosevelt created our National Forests by setting aside 150 million acres with the idea that the land should be conserved and utilized in a sustainable manner. 
  • Richard Nixon established the Environmental Protection Agency by executive order, highlighting the necessity and importance of a clean air, water, and land. 
  • Ronald Reagan committed the country to the Montreal Protocol, which is credited with saving the Earth’s ozone layer and is viewed as the most successful environmental treaty ever established.
  • George H.W. Bush’s Acid Rain trading program achieved goals of substantial acid rain reductions and saw compliance from industry without endless lawsuits.   

When conservative leaders retreat behind polarized arguments and fail to define the debate, they end up without a seat at the table.  Conservatives must be proactive and provide constructive conservative solutions.