Conservatives have led the most significant conservation efforts in the western United States and yet extreme interests have recently created the false narrative that conservatives do not value the environment. 

Conservatives must reclaim leadership on this critical issue by identifying the real environmental and conservation challenges facing our country and driving the most efficient solutions to those challenges.   
Western conservatives will pioneer this honest approach because these environmental problems and proposed solutions have a direct impact on our daily lives. Serving as responsible stewards of our land is a fabric of our heritage.

The Western Way Code is straightforward: be honest in defining the problem and the solution:

1. Own the Problem.  As conservatives we need to call a spade a spade. The world is not flat, and environmental problems are real.  Are these problems overstated by certain environmental groups on the left?  Absolutely. Do certain elected officials and candidates look foolish when they deny science? Absolutely.  We now have facts and data demonstrating without question that we have a problem in front of us, so let’s dig in and address it.

2. Reject False Solutions.  There is no reason to waste time on radical proposals.  In the Western U.S., 47% of property are public lands and the major economic drivers depend on successful environmental policy.  Environmental solutions that cripple the economy or are chasing speculative problems are non-starters.   

3. Drive Conservative Solutions. Time-tested conservative principles form the foundation to drive sound, long term solutions to environmental and conservation challenges.  Solutions that support the economy and improve the environment are available and must be advanced by conservatives. 

4. Define True Narrative. Providing honest and courageous leadership on environmental and conservation issues will recapture conservatives’ proper role in this grander debate.  The fact is that conservatives have always been and will always be responsible stewards of our land, water and air.  Western conservatives will pioneer this movement.