An honest read of the facts and data demonstrates that there are serious problems with our environment.  That is not a political or philosophical statement, it is the only conclusion one can reach based on facts and science.  It is not the role of conservatives to understate the problem in order to balance out extreme interests exaggerating the problem.   Conservatives must fly above the fray and be honest in defining the problems and solutions.

Below is a quick look at some of the information which supports why we believe conservatives must engage:

  • 72% of Republicans support accelerating the development of clean energy
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  • Majorities of residents in the west consider themselves to be conservationists. This attitude crosses political boundaries, with 70% of tea party supporters identifying as conservationists.
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  • 85% of millennials in the west support future presidents maintaining the prerogative under the Antiquities Act to establish national monuments as other presidents have – five points higher than the electorate overall. Click for the poll