The Arizona Energy Modernization Plan Would Boost the Arizona Economy and Create Arizona Jobs

Arizona Corporation Commissioner Andy Tobin’s Energy Modernization Plan makes sense for Arizona and The Western Way is glad that the ACC has decided to move forward with the rule-making process.  The Energy Modernization Plan is a major policy decision that would shape how customers pay for electricity and where that electricity comes from.  It deserves to be reviewed with the due diligence ensured by the ACC process.  The plan was based on several years of outreach and meetings and officially proposed on January 30th of this year.   

Many western states are currently in the process of debating important changes to energy policy that could lead to more competitive rates and attractive business climates, Arizona cannot afford to be left behind as new innovations and technology are changing the energy sector landscape.  The Energy Modernization Plan is a balanced energy portfolio approach which many neighboring states have successfully adopted years ago.  Arizona needs an “All of the Above” energy policy, with an emphasis on controlling costs, saving ratepayers money, managing demand, reducing waste, creating jobs and helping businesses.

The plan is a win in both the short term and the future. More immediately, ratepayers would not have to spend as much building costly new power plants. Over the decades, it would also save money because Arizona would transition to sources of energy that cost less — and are continuing to go down in price. This is the sensible and appropriate approach to energy policy, unlike the California based ballot initiative that would force irresponsible policies on our state and increase costs for Arizona families.