Nevada’s PUC Should Consider Economic Development Benefits of Rural Renewables

TWW submitted comments to the Nevada PUC today highlighting the importance of considering rural locations for utility scale renewables that will be built to implement Senate Bill 358.

Renewable energy is an economic driver. A report we commissioned in partnership with the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce shows that renewable energy projects in rural Nevada benefit the state and rural communities with a significant amount economic impact. From 2006 to 2017, 29 rural renewable projects led to a total output of $7.9 billion that flowed into the Nevada economy, created 12,056 Nevada jobs, paid $947.3 million in wages paid to Nevada employees, and resulted in over $152 million in tax payments to state and local governments.  These projects help drive investment and jobs to regions of our state that often go overlooked. 

Rural Nevada has the key assets to rapidly increase our state’s share of renewable energy: ample land; community interest; nearly limitless solar, wind and geothermal resources; and workers eager to for these development opportunities. These counties are open for business, ready to welcome new developments that will strengthen their economies and create good-paying jobs. The rest of Nevada would benefit, too, by tapping into homegrown power from our rural neighbors without having to buy electricity from California or other states.